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First Time Homebuyer 

Congratulations on beginning the process of purchasing your first home! 

It's wild to consider that you are about to embark on the biggest purchase of your life (until your next home!), and you'll likely spend less than thirty minutes touring THE home when you decide to make an offer. Whether you are ready to buy a home now or in 18 months, the more time you spend learning about your preferences and setting realistic expectations around your budget, the more confident you will feel when you do find your home. A few things to consider:

  • Location: Determine which cities and neighborhoods you prefer, but don't be afraid to explore areas you may not have considered. 

  • Square Footage:  

  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms 

  • Priorities: Consider school district, proximity to downtown, number of stories, etc. 

  • go to open houses or virtually tour homes online 

  • -make a wishlist of 

  • -take photos/create pinterest boards/or be able to articulate styles that appeal to you

Roxy's Services

While working with Roxy, you 

  1. First time homebuyer consultation: Roxy will walk you through the buying process. Topics you can expect to cover include finding a lender and receiving pre-approval, the Making an Offer to Purchase contract, and the additional fees** you may not have been aware of.

  2. Local market knowledge: As a Bay Area native, Roxy is familiar with the unique character and offerings of cities from Santa Clara to Los Gatos, and everything in between. She dedicates a minimum of 15% of the week touring new homes on the market, always staying on top of the local inventory.

You can begin working with an agent at any point in the process, and the sooner you find an agent you like, the


**When purchasing a home, the buyer never directly pays the Realtor's commission. The real estate agent's commission is pre-determined between the seller and his/her agent, and is paid by the seller at the close of escrow.

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